death of a marriage

Decided to start this as more of a warning to all you happily married people out there. Pay close attention, things can go bad so fast. In my own case I’ve been married 12 yrs and like all marriages we’ve had our ups and downs. Now my wife spends more time on facebook and texting than talking to me. There is no physical closeness, when I try to hug her I can tell she really doesnt want to. We have tried counseling but she doesnt carry through on the things we’re supposed to work on. It hurts so much I dont want it to end this way but I think were really close to divorce. I have 2 girls 11 and 9 they will be devasted. I need help. Had a panic attack last week and ended up in the er. Now I’m on meds just to get through each day. As I said I need help, I’m reaching out in the only way I know how.

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In my quiet moments

When I’m home alone and have time to think about my future, my kids future, this country’s future I feel really afraid. I’m 52 yrs old and yrs ago if you had asked me how I felt about things the answer would’ve been much different then if I were asked now. I had a good manufacturing job, a nice 4o1k, good health benefits and the ability to save money. Now, 10yrs latter my 401k is gone, went back to school to be a nurse ( that hasn’t turned out like I wanted, I’m a LPN and working 32 hr weeks, that’s the new full-time). Everything is so expensive we can’t save anything, my house is worth far less than I owe and yet my property tax has gone through the roof. It seems that people in my income bracket are being squeezed out of existence. I feel powerless. Please don’t tell me to get out and vote. Vote for who? Anyway, these are the things that I think about in my quiet moments.

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work life in the usa in 2010

i work in a nursing home as a nurse. seems the trend these days is to do more with less staff. this equals more falls, longer wait times for residents and just general poor care. not sure how long i can keep doing this. anybody relate to this?

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just another day

moneys so tight these days, wife and daughter are getting pedicures and then their hair done. I’m the only man in the house and somtimes feel as though I’m the lone voice of reason. Noticed that I’m really getting gray, nicccce.

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anybody with some one were the pain of being with them is more then the pain of leaving would be?

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