death of a marriage

Decided to start this as more of a warning to all you happily married people out there. Pay close attention, things can go bad so fast. In my own case I’ve been married 12 yrs and like all marriages we’ve had our ups and downs. Now my wife spends more time on facebook and texting than talking to me. There is no physical closeness, when I try to hug her I can tell she really doesnt want to. We have tried counseling but she doesnt carry through on the things we’re supposed to work on. It hurts so much I dont want it to end this way but I think were really close to divorce. I have 2 girls 11 and 9 they will be devasted. I need help. Had a panic attack last week and ended up in the er. Now I’m on meds just to get through each day. As I said I need help, I’m reaching out in the only way I know how.


About blume58

52 yr old father of 2 girls 12 and 9. hobbies include wieght training camping fishing and yard work. I feel I have alot to say about many things and I'm looking for a way to do that
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